Sounds of Reformation - in and around the city of Jüterbog!

Discover the flaeming, a resort area full of surprises. All you need to make your visit a special one, close to the political capital of Germany, Berlin – and in the heartland of reformation, Jüterbog - the town of the dominican monk Tetzel, the preacher of reformation Thomas Münzer.

Our churches  resounded to music every day for almost one thousand years. Singing has played a hugely important role, from the plainsong Offices sung by the monks and nuns of the twelth-century monastic foundations of cistercians to the lutheran services and concerts today.

Explore architectural jewels of land church building and fascinating treasures in the town churches of Jüterbog. Sing for yourself – or book a private concert on one of the many restored historic organs. Climb the tower of St. Nicolai and imagine the stream of “seekers for letters of indulgence” from Wittenberg – one of the reasons for Martin Luther to write his 95 thesis that led to reformation in 1539.

We look forward hearing from you, we are happy to host you on your way between Berlin and Wittenberg. If you would like to arrange a concert for your choir, if you would like to walk the last miles to Wittenberg on the Luther-Tetzel pilgrimage path, if you would like to have guided tours to the former monastaries of Kloster Zinna and Jüterbog – do not hesitate to contact us by eMail or call +49 (0)175 16 339 26.

We look forward seeing you.

The choice is yours: Nature, culture, myths or skating/bicycling? The following links will provide some general information about the flaeming, its history and all it has to offer.

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